Basic Step by Step Guide for Girls Fashion

by Admin on October 11, 2016

Basic Guide to Fashion

The fashion industry is one of the most versatile and dominant industries in the world. The industry is so huge that it has a significant contribution in the GDP of a nation. But is it not this contribution that makes this industry so popular amongst the youths. Rather, the product it conceives is what defines the modern youth nowadays. The latest bag from Prada, Ray Ben sunglasses, Paris Hilton shoes, L’Oreal conditioned hair with Remy hair extensions tells the girl belongs to the modern age.

CLOTHING:clip_image0025Majorly, the industry dabbles in creating unique, original clothing lines that can revolutionize the concept of clothing. Take the example of skinny jeans that have become a must have forevery teen girl. Levi Strauss and DKNY are a few names of the many brands that provide the best in denims. The latest trend to sweep the world has been saggy jeans that are worn at a level lower than the waistline.

ACCESSORIES:clip_image0011With the clothing done, the average person must further adorn himself/herself with a variety of accessories. In the case of boys, they are very limited (thankfully) but for girls, the range just keeps on growing

The mascara that adorns the eyes making them more prominent, sexy and gives the illusion of ‘big’ eyes has swept the globe. Initially it was either worn by Goths as a display of their grief and toddlers in South East Asia, the trend has spread to all teenaged and young adult girls.

EAR-RINGS:clip_image0026Although they were always present, the latest fad is to have more than one ear-ring per ear. Hence many girls are seen wearing three ear-rings and now it is nothing out of the ordinary to ask for an odd number of ear-rings for a person.

Like ear-rings, they were always there, but as of late, they have taken a whole new look. Now they are worn as “Nail Art”. Using nail polish as paint, girls design various artistic patterns on each finger nail to enhance the beauty of the hands, which succeeds, more often than not, in making them more prominent and beautiful. Because of this, nail polish now comes in such a huge variety of shades and colours.

HAIR EXTENSIONS:clip_image0012A fashion trend existing since the Egyptian times that peaked and died several times over the course of history only to be resurrected at the start of the 21st century. Initially, this was a well-kept secret of entertainers, who needed to have the ‘perfect’ hair, but when Britney Spears exposed this secret, everyone wanted to utilize it. Now the industry of hair extensions in London has become an estimated £60 million industry with its supply and distribution chain spanning continents.

This particular accessory has become so vital that children barely into their teens are using it. What is more shocking is that this product is safe enough to be used on children. Now hair extensions come in a variety of different ways and can be matched according to the person’s need and wishes and can last between the time span of one event up to 6 months!

BAGS:clip_image0027A significant part of the industry, one exclusively for the females, bags came in a tremendous variety of designs, sizes and colours. This is such a vibrant and in-demand section of the industry that it can to be updated with brand new designs every 4 months. And on top of that, the new ones are bought with even greater enthusiasm than their predecessors.

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