How to Get Rid of Dark Lips in a Week

by Admin on January 26, 2017

How to Get obviate Dark Lips during a Week

You can lighten your dark lips in one week victimization the formula below:

Sugar, Honey and vegetable oil Mixture

This is the foremost appropriate direction of all the ways on a way to lighten dark lips. The results area unit instant and long run.

Naturally sugar is AN abrasive and it’s the most effective reception ingredient appropriate for lip exfoliation. once sugar is mixed with natural honey and vegetable oil, the paste not solely removes the dead skin from the unsmooth lips however conjointly heals and moisturizes at identical time. this can be but the most effective home-baked lip exfoliator you’ll be able to ne’er get it wrong with.

Honey is medicative in nature and is employed in set of the many diseases. This feature makes it appropriate in promoting healing of flaky lips. it’s conjointly a natural moisturizer thence keeping your lips hydrous all day and night long.

Olive may be a kind of edible oil and it’s extra to the mixture to assist in making a protecting barrier. Oil but ensures your lips area unit shielded from excessive daylight, cold and different factors that ends up in drying and chapping of lips.


Sugar Lip Scrub home-baked Recipe:


  • 1 teaspoon natural honey
  • Small cup
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil, Prunus amygdalus oil or oil
  • 2 teaspoons coarse white sugar
  • 1 to two drops volatile oil (optional)
  • Lemon juice (optional)
  • Cotton balls
  • Moisturizer or balm


  • Place the one teaspoon choked with natural honey during a little sterile cup. Gently heat the honey sure 5 seconds in your microwave.
  • Add one teaspoon choked with vegetable oil, or almond or oil
  • Add two teaspoons choked with coarse brown or white sugar and stir to combine.
  • You can add a drop of juice if you’re feeling wish to produce a soothing result.
  • If you need you’ll be able to conjointly add few drops of volatile oil like Mentha spicata or lemon flavoured oil for a soothing scent.
  • With clean hands apply the paste employing a finger during a circular motion for two minutes
  • Wipe the sugar scrub off the lips victimization the clean plant disease and rinse with heat water.
  • Finalize by application of your best lip moisturizer or balm
  • Repeat identical for two times per week and your lips are smooth soft when one to 2 months.
  • Store your excess home-baked lip exfoliator during a closed instrumentality and detain electric refrigerator for future

How to Cure Black Lips

Lips will seem black thanks to varied reasons as mentioned on top of. however you’ll be able to effectively cure dark lips victimization the subsequent tips:

  • Always scrub your lips gently employing a natural sugar lip scrub, toothbrush or chemist’s shop lip exfoliant. Lips area unit delicate and forceful scouring will injury its skin.
  • Avoid sturdy lip glosses and lipsticks since they contain fragrances which will injury the soft skin on the lips.
  • Before attending to bed cleanse off all the traces of cosmetics from your lips to allow the skin on the lips appropriate time to heal and rejuvenate.
  • Before attending to bed dampen your lips with the assistance of some butter to stop it from drying and cracking.

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