Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color – 137 Review

by Admin on October 13, 2016

Are you looking for lipstick with particular brand? It is mandatory to pay high price for the lipstick with good quality. Lakme is one of the quality brands of lipstick in the market which is preferred by many women. As compared to other national and international brand of cosmetics in the market, Lakme is really affordable with no compromise with the quality. You may find lipsticks in the market ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 1400. But, not all of them have the capacity of retaining the lip color for a period of 8 hours at a stretch. Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color – 137 is a model brought by Lakme cosmetics which will really make you satisfied with regards to quality, price and durability.lakme-enrich-satin-lip-color-137-1Customer wants for Lakme lipsticks:
Due to a huge competition in cosmetics market, it has become mandatory for the companies to induce innovative mechanism. It is important for individual to go for a quality check before choosing a new brand in color cosmetics. Lakme is a popular brand for years that has been constantly working on the variety of lipstick color shades as well as its quality. All the Lakme cosmetic products in the market are equally good in quality. You can pick up any one product through online shopping and use it without any doubt about the quality.lakme-enrich-satin-lip-color-shade-pinks-mauves-137

Tips of using lipsticks
Ladies always wish to use lipstick every time they go out. Whether you are going to attend an official meeting or a social occasion, you must use lipstick for dazzling look. You must have a wide variety of lipsticks in your dressing table. Cosmetic products such as moisturizer, cream, face powder etc are available from Lakme with a guarantee of its product quality. Some of the tips to preserve and using lipsticks are:
• Store the lipstick in a cool place such as refrigerator
• In order to make your lips more highlighter, it is essential to use Lakme lip liner along with the lipstick. The liner can be used after applying the lipstick just to highlight the color
• You should never use the tester on your lips while buying it from the market. You can test the color in your hand palm
• In order to avoid lipstick displayed in your teeth, you must put your index finger on your mouth and pull out the unwanted lip color.

Lakme range of cosmetics has become in the reach of middle class people. This is the only brand that assures you about the quality without increasing the price of the product really high. If you are willing to avail Lakme cosmetic products from the market, online shopping can be best way.

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