Oral Health Care Tips for Child & Adults

by Admin on January 17, 2017

Oral Health Care Tips for Child & Adults

While we incorporate certain measures to take care of our skin, hair and diet, how many of you pay attention to dental care and routine and adopt necessary measure to maintain oral health. Well we can figure it out; only few of you must be doing it. Dental problem is one of the major health concerns f today. A majority of population are fighting against oral health problems and related diseases. A sedentary lifestyle and consumption of tobacco makes the oral condition more worst. It is the easiest job for people to ignore dental care and maintain good oral care which is why the number of people suffering from oral cancer is shooting up day by day.There are many people who go mad after toothbrush and toothpaste launching in the market. They keep on trying every new thing to get better results. But the outcome is same. You do not get a clear and bacteria free gums and pearly white teeth unless you incorporate very basics of oral health care routine, you are not going to get the best. We are going to help you out in taking care of your teeth and gums by providing you some simple and effective oral care tips which will not only combat bad breath but also help in fighting against oral cancer.

Watch what you eat –

Diet plays a very important role in depicting our oral condition. Some foods might encourage building strong gums and teeth while some just deteriorates the health of your teeth. When festive season is around, we tend to consume a lot of sugar coated snacks and food items which is very detrimental for your mouth. Consumption of chocolates and cookies especially for children might end up building germs and bacteria which would be difficult to remove after a certain period of time. Therefore you should stick to the habit of eating healthy food. Apple and cheese are the most effective foods for dental care. Apart from this every crunchy food you are going to eat will help in brushing your teeth naturally.Brushing & Flossing Twice a Day –

This is the most basic and golden rule to maintain oral hygiene. We often have been told from our grand moms to brush and floss twice a day to combat any oral diseases. It is important to brush in the morning and before going to bed at night to prevent accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. While many people do it regularly in the morning, few skip during night. When we sleep, saliva production stops which leads to dry mouth which encourage plaque formation. Therefore brushing at night will help in fighting with the germs. Flossing, on the other hand, is also important after brushing. It needs to be twice daily to maintain oral hygiene. Brushing doe not always help in removing all the food debris from out mouth which is why flossing is necessary.

Changing Your Toothbrush –

According to expert, changing your brush in every two-three months will help in preventing accumulation of bacteria. Bacteria present in our mouth get transfer from our toothbrush to mouth. It contains more germs than what present in our mouth. Therefore your toothbrush needs to be replaced in every two-three months. In this way, these simple tips will help you to maintain oral hygiene and prevent building of germs in your mouth which results in chronic oral diseases.

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