Top 10 Tips: How To Tackle Your Frightful Floordrobe

by Admin on October 12, 2016

How To Tackle Your Frightful Floordrobe

Do you have mountains of clothes in unbalanced piles all over your bedroom floor, but still feel as if you have nothing to wear *the life of most fashion obsessed girls* – you probably just need to sort out your wardrobe (sorry if i sound like your mum)! However, here are some handy tips to help you get started:


1. Get Organised:

Start by taking everything out of your wardrobe and pulling out all the clothes laying on the floor, shelves, top of the tv – or anywhere that you once thought was a suitable place to store your clothes. This allows you to see all the items that you own – we’re all prone to the ‘shove and run’ technique but these means you could have hidden gems lurking in the dark corners of your ever- growing wardrobe or ‘floordrobe’ (the mountain of clothes on your floor), you can then begin the process of organising. This is also a perfect opportunity to give the inside of the wardrobe a good clean.

2. Make Two Piles:

You should rifle through the items of clothes that you have taken out and make two piles. One pile should be dedicated to things that you have not worn in the past 6 months, these items are occupying space and you will probably never wear them again! A good philosophy to use when organising clothes is to get rid of anything that does not make you feel amazing (okay, or half decent at that). This ensures that you are only left with a wardrobe filled with pieces that make you feel confident. If you are unsure about any clothes, you can try them on and see how they make you feel.

3. Donate to Charity:

Once you have established which items you will not be keeping, mostly probably because your brain screamed “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!”, you can donate them to charity. This ensures that they are going to good use. You may need to be brutal, but you will feel refreshed once you see what is left over. If something no longer fits, you have no reason to keep it!

4. Utilise Space:

Think about how you can utilise the space that you have. Wardrobes are often quite tall and there is a lot of unused space beneath and above the railings. Think smart; you can put up shelves or install another railing which allows you to store and display more clothes – or use my trick and get someone to do it for you!

4.Invest in Quality Hangers:

You probably spend a majority of your time picking up clothes that have fallen off the hangers. Utilise the hanger strings that come on tops with wide necks, this can help to secure them and prevent them from slipping off the hanger and use wooden hangers for heavier pieces such as jackets and coats. Think about it, all the newly free floor space in your wardrobe could be used as shoe storage – hence, an excuse to buy more shoes, eek!

5. Coordination:

When moving your clothes from the floor to you wardrobe hang your clothes according to their style. For example, keep dresses together, and then arrange those by their colour. This allows you to find pieces very easily.

6. Folding is Key:

Remember that not everything needs to be hung up, for example you can fold jeans and T-shirts and keep them in boxes or on your shelves. This provides you with more space on the railings – clever you see!

7. Storage:

Think about clothes that you may want to store away, for example shorts during winter. This will help you to dress a bit more weather appropriate. Although you can use lighter pieces for layering, storing things away can minimise the amount of space that is used.

8. Make use of the wardrobe doors:

You can hang a mirror on the inside, or use hooks to hang things like scarves scarves, bags or the best item – your dressing gown! You could even use this space to keep clothes that you will be wearing the next day.

9. Use boxes:

Use boxes to store socks and belts, as these can help to neaten up the wardrobe. This will also make it easier when you are looking for things. Boxes may not be aesthetically pleasing, so if you prefer you can use baskets instead.

10. Use dividers or shelves to store shoes:

If you have an uncontrollable shoe addiction (don’t we all) then you need to think about your storage options – there’s nothing worse that a pair of you favourite heels collecting dust in the corner of your room! If you have a little bit of space left at the bottom of your wardrobe, add a shoe rack.

Make sure you clear out your wardrobe regularly and try to avoid buying anything that you do not love – I understand this sounds like an unachievable task for all impulse buyers but you can do it! It is easy to overfill your wardrobes and then not be able to find anything. Keep everything simple, and you will feel extremely smug staring at your ultra organised wardrobe.

Good luck!

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